Storytelling with Open Data

A Public Health Hackathon

By Code for Nashville in partnership with the Metro Government Department of IT Services and The National Community Mapping Institute @ Meharry


Saturday March 18, 2017

8am to 8pm


Nashville Software School

500 Interstate Blvd S

Nashville, TN37210

How do I sign up?

I've never heard of Mappler

Preliminary workshops

We'll be hosting two pre-hackathon workshops to introduce you to some interesting data sets and the mappler tool. Join us for one of the sessions and learn how to use this powerful mapping tool.

March 4th 4:00 to 6:30pm @ the NSS
March 15th 5:30 to 8:00pm @ the NSS

I may or may not know about writing software

Not Just for Developers

Participants will be put into teams, with each team creating their own app. We need visionaries and community members with a pulse on the needs of the city to help us make the best apps possible. Non-profits, this is a great opportunity for you to interface with the tech community to create an app that meets the specific needs of your organization. Apps created at the Hackaton are able to be used without license or development fees*.

*There is a possibility for a small server fee to apply. For specific questions regarding this, contact us.

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About the Hackathon

We’ll have 12 hours to dig into a set of compelling data sets provided by Metro and the community at large. We will create interactive maps, visualizations with community engagement enabling citizens to contribute data important to their environment and helpful to Metro Nashville and Public Health.


This will be pretty informal

8:00am Doors open
8:30am Opening remarks, brief pitching session
9:00am Hack
11:00am Lunch is served
7:00pm Project expo
8:00pm Closing remarks, the end

About Mappler

Mappler is an online/offline mapping platform which is developed by Dr. Im to provide the best utilities for community mapping. Mappler enables Communities to bring environmental and public health data into online mapping. This allows citizen to understand their community issues better and additional data can be added/updated by community participants, through the web, mobile web, and smartphone app. It also provides REST API, where developers can customize the app. Mappler will be provided to each participant at the “Hackathon” with site admin user id, password and API codes. Mappler is a proprietary platform, and currently is looking for funding to make it available to communities to use without cost. Currently the site is only available at the Hackathon for participant user only.

Safe Routes to Schools

Check out the live app


Portal site including links to maps

NY Restrooms

Check out the live app

Hurricane Sandy Gas Station Mapping

Article on


Submit a Dataset

Are you aware of an interesting or high value data set of benefit to the public? Would you like to see what happens when a bunch of nerds and designers hack it up and turn it into a powerful interactive tool or visualization?

Email us at

Submit a Project Idea

Do you have an idea for a public good project but lack the tech expertise or tech team to help realize it? Shoot us an email and we’ll talk to you about it. If it’s motivated by public good and can be distilled into something workable in 12 hours, we may be able to get you in front of the group to pitch the idea.

Please note that project submission doesn’t guarentee that your project will get worked on. Also, please understand that we focus our efforts on volunteer, not for profit projects that are motivated by the desire to improve Metro Nashville’s ability to serve its residents.

Email us at


Not a coder?

Excellent! We want to invite people from all kinds of professions and backgrounds. Good software projects need more than coders. They need designers, content makers, domain experts, organizers and managers, testers, researchers, and more.

Even if software is a totally foreign language to you, we'll do our best find a place for you and help you get involved. Come help us make good things!

Never been to a hackathon?

Great! We'd love to have you. If you're unfamiliar with the format, a hackathon is a day long (or two), intensive learning and building session often organized around a theme, like ours, transparency and feedback in government. Our hackathon is constructed with a fun, cooperative atmosphere, so if you aren't an expert coder or you're just starting to learn design you'll be just as welcome as a twenty year veteran of the scene. Check out this article on Medium for an introduction to hackathons.

Code of Conduct

We take making the Nashville Civic Hack Day a safe place for people to get together very seriously. Please read our code of conduct, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions, concerns, or experience any uncivilized behavior during the event.

Read our Code of Conduct here .

Any questions?

Email us.